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School Facilities by Jonah Benning Shorb
This year, a town wide conversation has occurred concerning the school district’s plan to refigure the schools. A task force was assembled consisting of members of the town to bring an opinion to the school board. Originally, the task force created three options to discuss, and they have narrowed it down to one option, to bring to the board. The board will then review that recommendation, and come to a final decision.

Recently, I sat down with superintendent Todd Abrahamson and discussed the plans for the new schools. He informed me that the task force had come to a consensus, to build a new K-5 school, build a 6-8 school or renovate the middle school, and make renovations to the high school. He added that “The middle school could be in a variety of places, but the best option is to put it as close to the high school as possible, to make it easier for middle school students to access high school classes.” Some locations of a new 6-8 building are RC Industries, the middle school, and the plot of land where iowa telecomm once sat. Mr. Abrahamson also added that “previously the task force discussed the possibility of moving the athletic fields and putting the middle school there,” he added “but the cost of that would be unnecessarily large”.

The new middle school would not be the only thing affecting the high school by the new plans. The other main plan that would affect the high school are the renovations to the high school, estimated to cost somewhere near 15 million dollars. The main focus of the costs would be a new, central HVAC system. Mr. Abrahamson explained that “There are two essay editing service systems at the high school because of the construction of the new wing, but one central HVAC system would be more cost effective.” Another addition included in the renovations cost are new tennis courts to be put at an unknown spot. Mr. Abrahamson said that the tennis courts are in too bad of shape to only be resurfaced, and are in dire need of repair. He also added that the courts would most likely be placed at the open lot near the softball fields so, “The courts could receive lighting in addition to all of the other venues.”

The schools are to be built in a several phase plan, one that Abrahamson adds could take “Up to a decade.” The first priority would be a K-5 elementary school, because a lot of money is being lost in funding 3 different buildings instead of one central building. The next priority would be new tennis courts, due to the terrible condition of the pay for essay current tennis court’s surface and the lack of accessible seating. Renovations to the middle school or a new 6-8 school would be the next priority, and finally renovations to the high school.

Last year the school district lost 73 kids, and lost $480,000 in funding (Abrahamson). With new schools and gained funding from consolidating into one campus, new programs can be added, resulting in a gained attendance. Mr. Abrahamson says that this cycle of growth is “All for the kids, and for an improved district.”

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